SUNWHITE Technology

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SUNWHITE Technology

Connecting with nature like sunlight



The Natural Light Shine the whole office like sunlight.
CCT can be changed as sunlight.
Different Regions / Different time in a day / Different seasons


We choosed The Sunlike SSC's full-spectrum LED, the light color is close to natural light, CRI>97, R9>95. 
We also applied SUNWHITE technology to automatically adjust the brightness of the light and the color temperature. If the ambient light is bright enough, the lamp will dim; if the ambient light is too dark, the lamp will be brighter. At the same time, the intelligent control system is added, which is divided into wired control and wireless control. Wired control uses the DALI dimming system; wireless control uses Bluetooth4.0 to adjust brightness and color temperature. 



Ordinary LED                                    SUNWHITE LED


Designed By Sunwhite Technology, The light is nature light like sunlight , 

CRI over 97, R9 over 95. 

Way to control

CCT change Type

SUNWHITE Controller / DALI Controller / Bluetooth Controller 

WIFI Controller / RF2.4G Controller


Dimming Type

SUNWHITE Dimming / DALI dimming / Triac Dimming / Bluetooth Dimming 

Sensor Dimming / WIFI Dimming / RF2.4G Dimming

Color temperature and brightness adjustable 

Change the CCT in one day, also in one year. 

Choose the color and brightness of the light according to personal preference


Simulates the sunlight changing from morning to evening

(Summer time, Frankfurt )

(Winter time, Frankfurt)

Adjust to local region. Choose the light in every time zone

(Summer time) 

(Winter time)

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